[2020-01-02] Morocco 摩洛哥 將於2020年2月1日實施公證

目前已知除了下列品項需於當地到港檢驗外, 其餘品項皆需於出口國向公證公司(Bureau Veritas)申請符合性公證取得CoC後始得進口

1.Automobile spare parts: Tires, Batteries, Brake linings, glazing, Filter elements, Mechanical control cable

2. Construction products: Ceramic tiles, Cement, Sealing sheets, sanitary products, taps, Plastic tubes
 Wooden panels
3.Gas appliances: Gas heaters, Gas water heaters
4. Wire rod and concrete reinforcing iron
5. Articles of clothing other than work clothes
6. Electrical products: Chargers for mobile phones, circuit breakers
7.Blankets, Rugs, Carpets and Upholstery
8. Baby diapers

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